Bocconcini Cheese Antipasto Skewers

Bocconcini Cheese Antipasto Skewers

These antipasto skewers are so EASY, but the flavour combination is to die for! They go together in minutes and look beautiful lined up neatly on a serving platter.  Appetizers have to be one of my absolute favourite things! I'm pretty sure I could live happily on a diet of tiny finger foods.  Mmmm... put this on a plate with some fancy cheese, and … Read More

Strawberry Brownie Skewers

Strawberry Brownie Skewers

These strawberry brownie skewers couldn't be any easier! Seriously. Aren't skewers the best? You can pretty much throw anything you want on them, and you end up with this wonderful treat. Drizzle them with melted chocolate and magically they become classy enough to serve to people who come over! I love how beautiful this dessert is! I didn't … Read More

50 Best Raspberry Recipes

50+ Best Raspberry Recipes

Summer is finally here!  And what better way to celebrate than to tempt you with these amazing raspberry recipes! My mouth has been watering just looking at these! Raspberries are a great addition to salads, amazing in all sorts of desserts and pastries, and excellent in ice cream and smoothies.  Whatever you're craving, you will find some amazing … Read More

20 Beautiful Coffee Filter Crafts

20 Beautiful Coffee Filter Crafts

Even if you don't drink coffee, you are going to LOVE these beautiful coffee filter crafts! I'm always amazed when you can make gorgeous accessories from boring, every day materials. Not to mention coffee filters are super cheap! When I was searching through Pinterest I was shocked by how many beautiful things you can make with a regular old coffee … Read More

Jello Roll-Ups

How to Make Jello Roll-ups

I don't know about your kids, but mine LOVE making Jello.  I think it must be all the brightly coloured boxes they get to choose from?  But they've been getting tired of regular old jello lately.  You know how it goes - begging you to make it and then refusing to eat it once it's made.  So I was really excited when I came across this recipe for … Read More

chocolate milk syrup

Homemade Chocolate Milk Syrup

I love trying to make things from scratch that you normally buy pre-made from the grocery store.  And this recipe for homemade chocolate milk syrup is easy to make on your own, super cheap and extremely tasty!  It's so much healthier when you can eliminate all the unnecessary ingredients they add to processed foods.  Now don't get me wrong, if you … Read More

Watermelon Recipes

50+ Best Watermelon Recipes

There's no other fruit that defines summer as much as watermelon!  It's the perfect food to take on picnics, to slice up at a bbq or to snack on as a refreshing treat on a hot day! Nothing beats a fresh slice of juicy and sweet watermelon on its own, but did you know that there are tons of things you can make with watermelon, besides just eating a … Read More


15 Unusual Vegetable Garden Ideas

One of my favourite things about summer is planting a vegetable garden!  It's far from perfect, but it works for us.  Some vegetable gardens are big, and some are small, and some people still manage to grow vegetables on nothing but a balcony.  Whatever your space situation is, this list of 15 unusual vegetable garden ideas has you covered and will … Read More

17 Clever Hacks for Your Vegetable Garden

17 Clever Vegetable Garden Hacks

Here are 17 fun and clever vegetable garden hacks to help make your garden more successful this year!  These are brilliant! I've been staring at our empty garden boxes in the backyard, just itching to buy our vegetable seedlings for the year!  I'm counting down the days before the risk of frost is gone, (It's Canada, so it takes a little longer, … Read More

Blueberry Recipes

50+ Best Blueberry Recipes

Summer is finally here! (Well, close enough) And that means that the long winter of boring fruit choices is coming to an end! I'm so looking forward to fresh straweberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, and watermelon, but most of all I'm looking forward to fresh blueberries!  This list of the 50+ Best Blueberry Recipes is amazing for all those … Read More