25 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

25 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Less than 2 weeks until Mother's Day! It's that time of the year when we all feel like children again. In this lovely way, Mother's Day seriously challenges Christmas... I've put together a list of DIY Mother's Day gift ideas that anyone can make and for every mother to enjoy. From delicate paper flowers to hardware jewelry, there's something here … Read More

22 Stylish Easter Crafts

22 Stylish Easter Crafts | Last Minute Easter Craft Ideas

With Easter only a few days away, is there really any time left for crafting? Certainly! I've put together a list of stylish Easter crafts that you can still make this week. Sometimes it's so easy to brighten our special moments just a little bit more! We all know these pre-Easter days are a challenge to say the least. Keep calm and decorate … Read More

Swiss Chalet Soup Recipe

Hearty Chicken Soup Recipe | Swiss Chalet Soup Recipe

Everyone has their own spin on a chicken soup recipe.  It's one of those things that uses such simple ingredients but brings so much comfort to us!  This recipe is a family favourite.  It's my copycat recipe based on Swiss Chalet soup (that's one of our favourite restaurants here in Canada).  It's easy to make, and it's super healthy.   Hearty … Read More

Easy Two Bite Brownie Treats

Easy Two Bite Brownie Treats | Easy Easter Treats

Try making these super easy two bite brownie treats if you are looking for new and fun Easter treats this year!  If I had more time I could slave away in the kitchen baking these from scratch, and I'm sure they would taste amazing.  But if you are short on time, like most of us are, these taste just as good if you use store bought two bite brownies … Read More

DIY Yarn Eggs

DIY Yarn Eggs with Treats Hidden Inside

Here's a tutorial for an awesome Easter craft to do with your kids (or for your kids...) this year.  These yarn eggs with treats hidden inside are a fun way to decorate your Easter table!  They do take some time to make, and you have to leave yourself at least a day for the glue to dry, but once it does, it's such a fun effect! I used regular 9" … Read More

5 Minute Spring Time Budding Cupcakes

5 Minute Spring Time Budding Cupcakes

These spring time budding cupcakes are so easy to make!  And they are such a fun and festive way to celebrate spring!  If you buy pre-made green icing and pre-made cupcakes (*cough* I'd never do that...) you can have these ready in about 5 minutes.  You just need the right tools. I have been wishing for spring lately.  Living in Canada, it seems … Read More

Make your own easy bunny buns

Make Your Own Easy Bunny Buns

These bunny buns are so easy to make and they end up looking super cute!  All you need is a good dough recipe, a pair of scissors, and of course some small hands to help you roll the dough into balls.  Wouldn't they look adorable on an Easter table?  Or even as a fun snack for the kids during spring time. Start off by making some dough.  My mom … Read More

Rainbow Fridge Magnet

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Magnet

Happy first day of spring! Here is a super easy tutorial to make a pipe cleaner rainbow magnet to celebrate!  I may still see snow on the ground (hooray for Canada!), but this little rainbow magnet brightens up my kitchen and gives me hope that at some point, I'm going to get to stop wearing my winter jacket!  Leah loved helping me out with these.  … Read More


Welcome to the New One Little Project!

I'm so excited to finally unveil the new website design we have been working on!  One Little Project has a brand new logo and branding, and a whole new design to go along with it. I've been blogging since 2012 and until today, I have been using a free WordPress theme.  Most of you probably don't know what that means, but lets just say that … Read More

Rolled Paper Flowers

How to Make Rolled Paper Flowers

Canada is awesome, but let me tell you, we just had a snowstorm yesterday, and I am SO done with winter.  I made these paper flowers in bright summer colours to remind myself that at some point, the flowers outside are going to have to bloom!  Since I don't have any real flowers, I went a little crazy with these super easy rolled paper flowers and … Read More