Rainbow Jello Recipe makes a Gorgeous Dessert

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  • http://www.northstory.ca/ Alex

    From one parent to another, having thrown my daughter a Rainbow Birthday party last year, I tip my hat to you knowing how long this process took you to do. But it looks soooooo good in the end!

  • Michelle

    So pretty!! I love all rainbow foods!

  • Anjana

    So pretty! And good tips on how to fill it without touching the cup sides. Your parents are awesome to document it too!!

  • http://soliloquyoffoodandsuch.blogspot.com/ Kim @ Soliloquy Of Food & such

    Amazing!! Again, my OCD is loving this – perfect layers and perfect pics, too – props to your Mon & Dad!! Stopping by from I Should Be Mopping The Floor, have a great week!!

  • Lorie Albright

    I always love rainbow jello! Instead of the milk, you can use a combination of jello and yogurt to make a lighter version of the jello color too! That is my favorite (and it tastes YUMMY!)

    • http://onelittleproject.com/ Debbie @ One Little Project

      That sounds delicious! I’ll have to try it sometime! :)

  • Laura @ Finding Home

    Wow – gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday!

  • http://twitter.com/cheerios_lattes Mackenzie {C&L}

    These are gorgeous! Great work! :)

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  • Ash @ HumberHome

    Those are so fun & refreshing looking!

  • DianaRambles

    They are so pretty! YUM!

  • janet

    Ok your mom gets the Cool Mom award. They look awsome.

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  • Maribel R

    Looks cute! Thanks sharing!

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  • Susan

    DId she make 2 sets? THe cups changed in the pictures??

    • http://onelittleproject.com/ Debbie @ One Little Project

      No, that’s all one set and all in the same cups. The photos must be doing something funny to make them look like different cups!

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