Rainbow veggie tray ideas

This is the last post in my rainbow birthday party series – Rainbow veggie tray ideas.  I know I’ve been stretching this party out for awhile, but I had to go back to work about two weeks ago, after my year long maternity leave.  So I have been writing about the rainbow birthday party, since everything was already photographed, so I didn’t have to worry about learning how to do my job again, learning how to be a working mom AND finishing projects for my blog all in the same week.

Rainbow veggie tray ideas | onelittleproject.com

The last piece that I want to highlight from Kate’s rainbow birthday party is how to make a rainbow veggie tray.   My awesome sister made this beautiful vegetable platter and was even kind enough to take pictures along the way!


Reds: Radishes, cheery tomatoes and red peppers:


Oranges: carrots and orange peppers.


Yellows: yellow pepper and yellow tomatoes.


Greens: green beans, cucumbers, green cauliflower, celery.


Purples: red onion, and red cabbage.


And if you are looking for veggie tray ideas, here’s a shout out to 5 more beautiful rainbow vegetable trays:

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