Light gray nursery ideas

When I chose the colour gray for Kate’s nursery I had no idea how common it was becoming.  Geesh!  I came up with almost 100 great examples of gray nurseries (you can check them out on my Light Gray Nursery Ideas board on Pinterest).  From gray and yellow combo’s to gray and red combo’s I managed to find an example of pretty much every gray colour combination you can think of.

I narrowed it down to my top 10 light gray nursery ideas.  I seem to like the yellows, pinks, and reds.

From Project Nursery:

11 From PN - Gray, Pink and Orange Nursery

This nursery really is my favourite, but I just don’t see it as an option unless I paint EVERY piece of furniture white in Kate’s nursery.  I really like the pink and orange colour combination, so maybe I can use that somehow.

From Apartment Therapy:

10 From Apartment Therapy - Gray and Coral Nursery

I LOVE the ruffled curtains in this one!  But again the white furniture is a problem for us because there is zero white furniture in Kate’s bedroom and it doesn’t make any sense to buy any right now.  Decorating with existing furniture is a bit of a challenge.

From Project Nursery:

2 From PN - Modern-Girls-Gray-Nursery

What my extensive gray nursery search told me is that vinyl wall art is apparently very popular!  Especially the oak trees like in the above photo.  Plus, it’s a simple way to decorate a nursery without worrying about a rambunctious toddler eventually trying to pull down carefully chosen artwork when they get taller.

From Design Dazzle:

74 From Design Dazzle - Gray and pink nursery

I can’t say there is anything earth shattering about the decorating in the photo above, but there is something about it that I really like a lot.  The soft pink curtains are so pretty and as impractical as a table with flowers is for a baby/toddler’s bedroom, it makes it look so girly and inviting.

From Inspirations Eva:

54 From Inspirations Eva - Gray, red and pink nursery

The other thing I learned in my extensive nursery search is that these ceiling pom poms are also very popular.  I really like the red and white contrast in the photo above, but I can’t decide if I dislike the pom poms or if I love them.

From Houzz:

43 From Houzz - Gray and Red Nursery

When Kate grows out of her nursery I plan to use her bedroom as my office/craft room.  I really like how sleek and modern the photo above is, but alas, I guess I should probably look for bedroom ideas where the crib can’t just be switched out with a desk (… or should I?).

From On to Baby:

13 From On to Baby - Gray and Yellow Woodland Themed Nursery

Here are those vinyl oak trees again.  I’ve seen them in so many photos they are really starting to grow on me.  I also really like the gray, white and yellow combination.  And the crib… again too bad we can’t be buying any furniture.

From Dwell by Cheryl:

42 From Dwell by Cheryl - Gray and yellow nursery

This twins nursery is so charming, and if you’ll notice they actually have dark coloured cribs!  It’s reassuring that there are actually examples I like with dark cribs.  I guess, theoretically I’m up to the challenge of painting Kate’s crib white, but I would REALLY rather not!

From Project Nursery:

25 From PN - Gray and yellow nursery

More vinyl wall art and a gray and yellow colour scheme.  I think I liked this one because that piece of furniture under the window looks like it could be doubled out with something made of teak and still work with the design.

From Houzz:

41 From Houzz - Gray and yellow nursery

I might just be drawn to the giant giraffe in this one.  Kate got a mini giraffe maybe 1/3 the size of the one above for Christmas this year from her uncle and aunt.  Not that I need a full giraffe theme, but it would be nice to work hers in somehow.  I would say out of all of the colour combinations, gray and yellow seems to be the most popular right now.

PS - Here's a list of my favourite link parties.

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  • dwellbycheryl

    Glad you liked the nursery! The gray cribs were so modern and chic.

    • Debbie @ One Little Project

      They really are! And I love the elephant hamper and the yellow foot stool as an accent. Very cute! :)