How to make bubble solution

  • Sarah K

    awesome! Will have to try this with the girls this week, since they’re such big fans of bubbles lately :) Thanks!

  • johanna@projects by me

    I have to try this too with my kids, they love bubbles!

  • PJ

    I didn’t know you could get glycerin at the pharmacy. That will come in useful when I make this recipe.

  • Val

    helpful post

  • kermiefrg

    Good to know! Thank you for the idea! My son thinks it’s funny to spill the entire bottle of bubbles on the ground, so we go through a lot of it :)

  • Ruth @ Living Well Spending Le

    Those bubbles are so big and look so fun! Thank you for linking up to the Thrifty Thursday link party!

  • Jelli

    My toddler wanted to play with bubbles just this afternoon and our dishsoap-water solution was astoundingly bad too. So glad you’ve made a “recipe” to share. I’ll have to give it a try, for sure!

  • Sally

    My two year old is obsessed with bubbles, so I will definitely have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing!


    Great picture. I am pinning this for the future.

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  • Felicia @ coPrinted

    My baby boy would love this project. I still have some empty bubble bottles. Thank you!

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