How to bake pumpkin seeds

  • Lynette. I meant IN IT

    I put them in a dehydrator for about 2-3 hours, then they are dry before I put them in the oven for about 1hour @ 225 degrees. (After they are dry in dehydrator, you can turn it off and leave them on it until morning to roast

  • moois van ‘ me ‘

    oh ! i definetly gonna try this !

  • rah54drp49

    Is there an easy way to shell the roasted seeds to use on food? We eat them as a snack but I would like to shell them to sprinkle on a salad and I have not found a way to do that where we end up with the intact kernels and it doesn’t take forever to do.

    • Debbie @ One Little Project

      Hmmmm… no, I can’t say I’ve ever tried shelling them? Something tells me the effort required for that might not be worth it? I’ve only ever enjoyed them as a snack and have just bought the other ones from the store.

  • Leslie Stewart

    I tried these once, but mine didn’t turn out great. I think I should try again with your help! Thanks for sharing.

  • K Brown

    Growing up I know we never used oil and did a long low slow approach and they always turned out great. Last year I tried a method pretty much the same as this one and they were awful. Maybe my issue was that I had too many on the tray, I might give it one more try this year.

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