Baked Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven

Did you know you can actually make baked hard boiled eggs in the oven?  The eggs turn out perfectly and not a single one of them cracks!  With Easter around the corner, I knew I had to try this and see for myself! how to make hard boiled eggs in the oven

The thought had never occurred to me that baking a whole egg was even a possibility, but they turned out really well!  Check out how perfect these baked hard boiled eggs are: baked hardboiled eggs |

It’s pretty simple.  Here’s the recipe, if you can even call this a recipe:

Baked Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

  1. Place a dozen eggs (or however many you want) in a mini or regular muffin tin.
  2. Preheat the oven to 325F then put the eggs in and bake for 30 minutes.
  3. Remove from the oven and instantly immerse in cold water for 10 minutes.
  4. For easiest peeling, remove the shells right away, otherwise refrigerate until needed.

Check out before you head to the grocery store.  They always have some great grocery coupons!  Sadly only for the US though.How to make baked hard boiled eggs |

What I loved about baking hard boiled eggs is that not a single egg cracked!  baking hard boiled eggs in oven |

They came out of the oven looking a little speckled.  I have no idea what this stuff is but it came off in the cold water bath. baked eggs after coming out of the oven |

Use tongs to move the hot eggs from the muffin tin to the cold water: baked hard boiled eggs in cold water

You can see that those brown dots dissolved in the water: hard boiled eggs in cold water

And they came out perfectly clean! How to make baked hard boiled eggs |

Well, almost perfectly clean, there was a very slight brown spot where the egg was touching the muffin tin, but it was pretty subtle: brown spot where egg touched muffin tin |

Once I peeled the egg, the inside was also slightly discolored where it touched, but that wasn’t a very big deal to me: slight brown spot where egg touched muffin tin

The eggs were cooked to perfection: perfectly cooked baked hard boiled egg |

This is such an amazing way to make lots of hard boiled eggs!  Think about how easy it would be for Easter!  You can even get 2 Dozen Mini Muffin Pans.  Just pop a couple trays in the oven and you’ll be done in no time!

And you won’t have any cracked messes!  Well, okay I can’t make any guarantees, but I can say I have never boiled a dozen eggs in water before without having one or two crack.  I will definitely be doing this again!

[Edit: You can see how our oven baked eggs turned out when we dyed them for Easter here.]

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  • Hannah

    thanks for the post! I am going to try this next time I make boiled eggs.

  • Janelle MacKay

    Love this!!

  • Beth @ Free Stylin’

    Genius! THANK YOU!!! :)

  • Carmen

    This sounds awesome – but I have a question. Did you puncture the eggs before putting them in the oven? I would think they might explode otherwise.

    • Debbie @ One Little Project

      No, I didn’t puncture the egg and definitely no explosions here. I’ve never heard of anyone having their eggs explode in the oven? Like I said in the post, mine didn’t even crack.

      • Carmen

        Thanks Debbie!

      • Alissa Mack

        I tried this and I had one egg explode in the oven. I am not sure if maybe it was because the eggs went from fridge to oven or not but I’m hoping the inside turned out ok. I’m not sure if I really like all the brown dots that appear on the eggs after baking….

      • Maureen

        Do you think that the use of a silicone cupcake holder might eliminate the burn mark?

        • Debbie @ One Little Project

          Maybe? I considered trying that, but I was worried about the silicone collapsing when you try to move it. But now that I think of it, you could always put it the silicone cupcake holder on a cookie sheet. It’s definitely worth a try!

  • DimpsIN

    I had little brown spots on my peeled eggs. I shaved them off with a paring knife. They looked perfect. What a great way to do eggs.

  • Carlee

    Great idea, I am trying this out tomorrow! I am also showing you off tonight at my party, thanks for linking up!

    • Debbie @ One Little Project

      Thanks Carlee!

  • Amy

    A lot of mine cracked or broke and I have no idea why

    • Debbie @ One Little Project

      Oh no! I didn’t have any problems at all with mine! Did you follow the instructions exactly as I wrote them??

  • mnmom

    I wonder if turning them part way through would eliminate the brown spots.

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  • Stephanie Fleming

    wonder how long I would bake my little bantam eggs for?