How to Make a Strawberry Rose

Today I’m going to show you how to make a strawberry rose, which I think, might be my new favourite way to serve a strawberry!  These are super easy to make, don’t require any special tools, and when you are done, they are sure to make you smile!

Easy strawberry rose tutorial! These are super easy to make and don't require any special tools!

All you need are some medium to large strawberries:

How to make a strawberry rose

And with surprisingly little effort, you can make a few slices and transform them into this:

Easy strawberry rose tutorial! These are super easy to make and don't require any special tools!

It’s pretty easy.  All you need is a sharp knife.  All the tutorials I saw used a short curved paring knife, but I don’t own one, so I just used my regular,  small Henckel paring knife.

How to make a strawberry rose

On the edge of the strawberry carefully cut into the strawberry using a sawing action:

How to make a strawberry rose

Press your thumb onto the strawberry so the piece doesn’t fall off, and gently bend away the slice to make the first petal.  You don’t want to cut the slice completely off, just enough so that it comes away very slightly from the rest of the strawberry and bends like a petal:

How to make a strawberry rose  Rotate the strawberry and repeat for the four sides of the strawberry:

How to make a strawberry rose

At this point, you will have made four cuts and it will look something like this:

How to make a strawberry rose

For the second row of petals, gently slice the strawberry so that the petal is centered above the two petals below it.  Again use a sawing action so you don’t crush the berry.  Gently bend the petal away from the strawberry:

How to make a strawberry rose   Repeat this for the four sides of the strawberry and from the top it will look like this:Easy strawberry rose tutorial! These are super easy to make and don't require any special tools!

If you have a big enough strawberry, you can make one more row of petals using the same technique.  My berries weren’t quite large enough to do that, so I sliced the top piece in half:

How to make a strawberry rose

Take a wooden skewer and poke it through the bottom of the strawberry to become the “stem”:

How to make a strawberry rose

The completed strawberry rose should look something like this:

How to make a strawberry rose

Pretty, don’t you think?  You certainly don’t have to put a skewer into the bottom.  If you want, you can use the strawberry roses on their own to garnish a cake, a plate, or whatever else you are thinking of serving:

Easy Strawberry Rose Tutorial

These strawberry roses really are easy, and they are so much fun!  I gave them to my girls for their afternoon snack when I was done making them for this blog post – they thought were fantastic!  I would have needed to slice the berries anyway, so this really wasn’t any extra effort, and it made me smile seeing all of the pretty roses I had made.

Strawberry Roses

Nothing says I love you like a bouquet of roses strawberry roses:

Strawberry rose bouquet! These are super easy to make and don't require any special tools!

I love the idea of skewering a bunch of strawberry roses and turning them into a strawberry rose bouquet.  Wrap it up as a special surprise instead of a bouquet of roses.  You can’t eat a regular bouquet of flowers!

How to make strawberry roses

These take less than 2 minutes per strawberry rose, they are super easy, and they can be used as a garnish for so many things!  Put them on top of a strawberry cake.  Skewer one and have it as a stir stick in a glass of champagne.  Skewer many and make them into a bouquet of strawberry roses.  Or set them on a dessert plate as a beautiful garnish.  They are a fun and impressive way to decorate a dessert!

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