Valentine’s Day Heart Toast

What’s better than a great Valentine’s Day breakfast idea?  A great Valentine’s Day breakfast idea that will keep the kids entertained as they make it!  Even without any kids, this is still fun for Valentine’s Day:

How to make your own Heart Toast.  This is such a cute and easy idea for the husband and kids on Valentine's Day!

Before we started, Leah said she wanted to paint and she wanted me to bake a cake (I’ll get right on that).  This activity has a little bit of both, so it actually worked out perfectly!  She was really into the little bit of “baking” involved (as in watching the toaster oven).


So how do you do it?  It’s pretty simple!

Use a heart cookie cutter to mark the shape of a heart into a slice of bread.  Be careful not to completely cut through the bread.  (Although, heart shaped coloured toast would actually be pretty fun too!)

heart cookie cutter on bread

shape of heart on bread after cookie cutter pressed on it

Take a little bit of milk, maybe 2-3 tablespoons, and add 3 or 4 drops of red food colouring until you get the shade you want:

mixing milk and red food colouring

Use a paint brush to paint the heart red with the dyed milk:

easy kids activity for valentine's day

red heart on bread

Toast it in the toaster oven:

heart toast toasting in toaster oven

Isn’t this a cute way to say I-love-you at breakfast on Valentine’s day?

red hearts on toast for Valentine's Day

If it’s not Valentine’s Day, Share & Remember has a different version of this activity where you can paint the entire piece of bread rainbow colours for some extra fun.


Of course Leah painted her entire piece of toast anyway, but oh well.  She still had a great time!

PS - Here's a list of my favourite link parties.

  • winnie rottem

    How sweet!!
    Wonderful idea with super cute result – I LOVE it

    • Debbie @ One Little Project

      Thanks! We had a lot of fun making it too.

  • Michelle | Creative Food

    I love how simple this is — but yet so pretty!!

    • Debbie @ One Little Project

      Thanks! Definitely a lot more simple than the meals on your site, but I’ll work my way up to those. 😉

  • Rachel

    Fun idea!
    Rachel @ R&R Workshop blog

  • JB

    this is such a sweet little idea :]

  • bethany dearden

    So cute! I wonder if you could use jam instead of color? I love my toast sweet :)

    • Debbie @ One Little Project

      Maybe? I ended up covering my toast with Nutella anyway… sad to cover up the hearts, but I still had to eat it! :)


    Super cute idea!!

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  • Amy