Peroxide and baking soda to clean old cookie sheets?

  • Bern Doyle

    Hey — it did not work for me either — because — apparently — baking soda and peroxide neutralize each other — with one being a base and one being an acid — i am usually smarter than falling for this stuff — who knew? its pretty much the hidden ingredient that does the work — the one missing from the label — (elbow grease)

  • MR

    From what I can tell from the pictures, you didn’t add enough baking soda. It should be a paste consistency, not runny. When it’s thicker, it works like a charm.

  • nancy carlson

    I noticed something that may have affected your results: all the pics I see of shiny pans are of pans that were shiny when they were new – stainless steel. Same with pans. Stainless steel. (maybe aluminum – I never could spell that!)

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