Easiest way to clean burnt pots

  • Jill

    Makes me want me want to burn something just to try it hehe

    • Excella

      Understood – Excella Gionne

  • Deby

    Sadly this is a project I need only too often – my mind seems to wander – especially with rice and my pan looks like this at least once a month. Thanks for the tip – seems like a l=good way to do it without breaking my nails or my patience

    • david

      Use a rice cooker, they turn off when rice is done. Cost about 15 bucks. Never burnt rice is 10 years

    • Margaret

      Forget about the rice cooker.
      Cook long grain (most common in the US) rice like pasta. Add extra water & drain when done. It doesn’t stick & will come out fluffy.
      Cook sticky rice by bringing the recommended amount of water to a boil. Add rice. Bring back up to a boil. Slam the lid on top. Cut the heat. Check 1/2 hour. If it needs more water, add boiling water & let sit for another 15min. Once you get the amount of water right (I found 3:1 water to rice, no matter what the package says) you get perfect rice in 40min without keeping the fire lit, without constantly checking the pot and without a rice cooker (with aluminum bowls, you don’t want to cook in them, anyway.)

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  • Angela

    I think I will try this with my oven, it needs to be cleaned and I don’t want to scrub it. :)

    • david

      put it in a spray bottle to use on your oven

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  • Denise

    I recently discovered the kitchen cleaning benefits of OxiClean! Take a pan with anything burnt or stuck to it and sprinkle in a tablespoon of OxiClean. Fill with hot water up to the level of the stuck on food and wait an hour. Take your sponge or brush and wipe away. It is also a great way ro remove labels! Soak item over night in hot tap water initially and let set until you are ready to clean the next day.

    • http://onelittleproject.com/ Debbie @ One Little Project

      What a great tip Denise! I’m always looking for good ways to remove labels. OxiClean is a great suggestion for the burnt stuff too! I will definitely give it a try sometime.

  • Lois

    I discovered an even easier way, with no cleaners at all. A couple years ago I burnt the seafood chowder Christmas Eve and so I stuck it outside in the snow to deal with later pot and all. When I decided it was time to throw it away the next day ( I figured was going to throw the pot as well) but when I dumped the chowder the charcoaled bottom went with it, and the pot was saved and minimal scrubbing, a few months later did it again with the spaghetti sauce so I thought I would put it the fridge while still quite warm for the night and it worked again! so I guess the heat builds condensation that gets between the pot and burnt crust and lifts off very easy so no scrubbing at all. So next time give it a try but leave the sauce in it, it helps with the moisture.

    • http://onelittleproject.com/ Debbie @ One Little Project

      That’s so interesting Lois! My pot would probably have to be on fire for me to put it outside in the snow, so I never would have guessed that would work to get rid of the burnt stuff! I’ll have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  • christie

    To think of the HOURS I have spent scraping and soaking off burnt on gunk from the bottom of my pans!. Girls, this is real. Little or no rubbing. I hit it with a scrub brush and had it off in, what, 30 seconds! I can hear the angels as the black flakes float out of the pan.l

  • Michelle

    I think if anything sits for over 6 hours will soon lift off. I will give it a shot though :)

  • dgerancon

    Love this idea and will try it. By the way, flavoring your rice with tomato soup, or just tomato sauce will work but must place stove of very very low heat and let cook, don’t mix or touch the rice. I make a seasoned rice this way (mom’s recipe) and it works, however, because I didn’t lower the flame enough this time…I burnt the pot too, just the other night!

  • Kari

    Btw, you can use tomato soup if you use the right kind of pot. Use a no stick next time.

  • http://www.green-talk.com/ Anna @GreenTalk

    If you boil it in hot water, the burnt stuff comes off too. I like your method.

  • CoffeeShopGhost

    Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the pot, bring to boil. Use a wooden spoon or even a silicon spatula to loosen the caked on burned parts. It takes very little effort, probably less than the scrubbing you did.

    What you’re doing is an age-old technique called “deglazing” the pan, and only takes about 6 minutes versus 6 hours.

    It’s a technique for any good gravy (assuming you haven’t burned it first).

  • Leanne Bell

    Used this on my enamel stovetop. We had used a heat diffuser under our tagine & ended up with baked gunk on the stovetop which would just not budge. This worked a breeze! Thanks so much!!

  • http://artlifecreativeliving.blogspot.com.au/ Christina Shumanov

    Girls -you are doing it all wrong! One burnt pot – one husband…a few hours later one clean pot!

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