How to Make Paper Umbrellas
  • Craft Paper
  • Scissors
  • Floral or Jewelry Wire
  • Pliers
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Round Can or Lid
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Clear Thread
  1. Trace a round lid or can onto the craft paper and cut out 10 circles.
  2. Fold the circles in half and then in half again so that you have a triangle.
  3. Place a piece of double sided tape in center fold of each triangle.
  4. Tape the triangles together, making sure to line up the folded edges. It should resemble an accordion.
  5. Form a circle and hot glue the two ends together.
  6. Cut a piece of wire to about 4 inches and form a small loop on top.
  7. Fold up the bottom of the wire to form a handle.
  8. Make a small oval out of the air dry clay and push it onto the handle of the wire.
  9. Push the wire into the center of the umbrella and secure with hot glue on the bottom.
  10. Paint the air dry clay with acrylic paint.
  11. Attach the clear thread or fishing line to the top loop and hang!
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